Waffle Waffle

Will Floyd and Carl be ready for the biggest debate of the century? Read to find out!



This is actually a huge debate all over the internet. They both have their strengths and weaknesses! A good debate to view can be found HERE. Or you can just scroll down to vote for yourself!

Author: dbbacon

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7 thoughts on “Waffle Waffle”

  1. I will now state that I am firmly in the waffle group. They are better in every way. Waffle anatomy is unrivaled for breakfast toppings. Dozens of little cups just MEANT for syrup in butter. All a pancake can do is be a sponge and suck up the syrup, getting cold, mushy and gross. Not so for a waffle! A waffle will stay crispy and loyal. Furthermore, a syruped pancake is slippery, floppy, and hard to grip given its smooth, circular shape. A crispy, square waffle will keep syrup in its place! Also, pancakes take a lot of attention to make. You must have exact timing to have even sides. Even so, this is not possible! The pan is constantly heating up! Flipping can be difficult. One false move and your breakfast is no more. With a waffle, just throw some batter in the iron and it will be done without ANY attention. It will cook evenly no matter what, as it is grilled on both sides at the same time. Furthermore, if you search for this debate on Buzzfeed, there are more reasons why waffles are better than why pancakes are better!



      People argue that waffles have no creativity! Not so! If you can fit something into a waffle iron, you can make a waffle out of anything. Yes, we know. Pancakes can be formed into any shape to make amazing 2-d art. What about 3-d? A crispy waffle can stand up and make sculptures. Can you do this in a griddle? Nooooooo. Also, waffles can be used for other things. Waffle ice cream cones! Can you do this with a pancake? Nooooooo. Who wants a waffle sandwich? Everyone! How ’bout a pancake sandwich?


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