Spirit Airlines Just got Competition

41015 There are more things wrong with this strip than I think I can say. To get the joke, you have to read the tiny cover of the bunny’s magazine, which reads “Plane Safety Today,” but of course you can’t given the size of the image. The crashing plane is supposed to indicate that he fell out of it, the joke being that he was reading a plane safety magazine and falling out of a plane. But anyone with basic scientific knowledge can see that this couldn’t have happened. The smoke coming from the plane’s engines is going behind the rabbit, but if you look at the speed lines, he is falling straight downward. Even the curvature of the ground beneath him makes zero sense. he’s falling above farmland (it looks like this from the sky and it’s easy to draw), but the curvature of the Earth makes it look like it’s the size of a continent. Not to mention the overall layout of the strip. I had to draw this one vertically, but with the layout of this blog, it looks terrible. Blaugh. Even the scanner rejected this one; it wouldn’t scan until I turned it off and on again. Why, you say, run such a crappy strip? Because I didn’t get a strip in time for today and had to crank this one out. My apologies… my apologies.

In better news, I am going to install Gimp today. Full-color comic strips (and more) coming soon!

Going to the art store too. Get ready for a giant GIANT drawing! It won’t fit in the scanner!


Author: dbbacon

Comic daed Pls follow devian art

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