No Need For a Title Reference


I know I’ve had some strange references before, but holy smokes, is this one obscure. If you get it, email me and I’ll send you the Dumb Bunnies Award O’ Smartness. I’ll reveal the reference this afternoon.


Author: dbbacon

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6 thoughts on “No Need For a Title Reference”

    1. I stand corrected.

      War and Peace is well known as being one of the longest novels ever written, though not the longest. It is actually the seventh longest novel ever written in a Latin or Cyrillic based alphabet and is subdivided into four books or volumes, each with sub parts containing many chapters.


  1. This one is my favorite of all your comments! I love the literary reference and the absurdity of trying to tweet it. And I love how expressive you make those bunnies’ faces with just a few strokes of a pen. You are brilliant!


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