If You Die, Die With Cheese Poofs


This is all you need to survive.

What would you want in your zombie apocalypse survival kit? Comment below. This time, please do. I’m trying to build a legitimate fanbase. So far it isn’t working.


Author: dbbacon

Comic daed Pls follow devian art

10 thoughts on “If You Die, Die With Cheese Poofs”

    1. Hey, who is that guy Fred is with? Maybe it’ll be one of those Calvin and Hobbes type-secret that only I will know and the readers will get really annoyed and stop reading the strip.


  1. My kit:
    -Comics gear (pens, pencils, rulers, paper, scanner, laptop, charger)
    -Electric generator
    -Breathable plastic bubble
    -One of those lightbulb-changing thingies
    -Waffle iron


    1. Everything’s great about a waffle iron in the apocalypse. You can cook tasty food and beat people senseless. Not to mention “waffle” is just fun to say.


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